MotoTech Scrambler Air Riding Jacket – 1st impression review

MotoTech Scrambler Air Riding Jacket – 1st impression review

The MotoTech Scrambler Air Motorcycle Jacket is the newest jacket in terms of age that I own. In addition to this, I already have:

XDI X1 Hydraseal Jacket
RR Gears Masculine
Mahindra Mojo official jacket

Certainly, one would wonder why an additional piece of riding gear? To begin with, the average motorcyclist usually would have one or two riding jackets. The Xtreme Dynamics is used from the monsoon to winter seasons. The RR Gears jacket given its utility quotient makes it an optimal touring jacket. However, until last year the Scala Gears Marvel was my go-to daily use and short rides jacket.

No doubt the RR Gears Jacket is undeniably the best in class, it is one of my favorite jackets. Fast forward to the present, with the onset of Unlock the travelling began. On an average weekend travel within the city limits makes up for the daily work commute for the average motorcyclist. Add to this, with the city traffic some motorcyclists prefer using their jackets even if it’s for urban commute. Besides the safety factor, riding jacket provide utility sans a backpack.

Thus, the average Riding jackets can store:

  • Mobile phones
  • Wallets
  • Power banks
  • Masks
  • Small Bottle of Sanitizer

The Why??

  • The Daily use Scala Gears Marvel served me well over the last 4 years and needed to be decommission. Thus, a need for a new jacket
  • A lightweight jacket
  • Apart from being lightweight, it should be compact enough to fit in limited space (without the liners)
  • A two tone to pre-dominantly match the color of my motorcycle, the Ruby Red Mahindra Mojo BS6
  • Can be used by my pillion should we decide an impromptu ride on the weekend
  • Utility wise, a best fit for urban commute

First Impressions

Well now that we understand purpose, let us get to know the product. Apart from the price tag of 6450/-, the riding jacket has a similar format to the Marvel. With just one exception, its weight. As astounded as I was, the riding jacket is almost weightless. This is a rare trait for a under 7000/- riding jacket. Let us also take into consideration the thermal and rain liners, even then it seemed lighter. The slim fit design easily bolts on to you as a secondary skin.

scrambler air jacket

While this is our first impressions review stay tuned for more on the MotoTech Scrambler Air Motorcycle Jacket

Fun fact – A few test subjects (including a lady) tried on The XXL size riding jacket. They found the fitting to be best in class despite the fact it wasn’t their size.


MotoTech Scrambler Air Motorcycle Jacket – According to the Manufacturer

MotoTech Scrambler Air Motorcycle Jacket is the ideal all-season mesh jacket, featuring almost everything that a rider needs. This jacket comes with 2 separate detachable liners – a Thermal Warm Liner and a Tape-seamed Rain Liner. The MotoTech Scrambler Air jacket, with CE Certified Armours, is your perfect companion during city commutes as well as it is just what you need for long-distance touring.

scrambler air riding jacket

MotoTech Scrambler Air Motorcycle Jacket – Features:

  • CE Shoulder and Elbow Armours – EN-1621- Level 1 Certified
  • 3 in 1 All Season Mesh Protective Riding Jacket with Dual Detachable Multi-weather Liners
  • Reflective Branding on Front and Back for High visibility
  • Soft Back Protector Eva Foam insert
  • Waist Strap and Cuff Fastener for ideal fit.
  • Aesthetic MotoTech branded puller on the main zipper
  • Fore Arm Button with V elastic and Upper Arm Velcro fastener to ensure snug fit.
  • All Armours are Removable
  • Internal Pocket on the Main Jacket as well as on both the liners for convenience
  • High-quality, Tape-seamed Rain liner attached
  • Quilted detachable warm liner included
  • Micro-Fiber Comfort Collar
  • Color-Coded Zippered Internal Panels
  • Reflective Piping on the Arms for high-visibility during night rides
  • Heavy Duty Micro Mesh
  • Shoulder and Elbow Heavy Duty Fabric
  • Shell Fabric 600D PU Coated Oxford with Mesh Lining


MotoTech Scrambler Air Motorcycle Jacket – Colours:

To view the Mototech Scrambler Air Jacket on the MOTOTECH WEBSITE  CLICK HERE



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