Warranty Policy


To be able to "Claim Warranty" on your MotoTech product/s, you must register your MotoTech product/s in the below link.

If you have not yet Registered your MotoTech product/s for Warranty, then please click on the below button..

 Register your MotoTech Product Purchase

Register your MotoTech product/s above to authenticate your purchase and be eligible for Warranty Claim. We stand by our products and would love to help you if you face any problems with our products, as long as it is within reason.

All "Registered" Mototech product purchases are eligible for a TWO years warranty (from the date of purchase by the original owner ONLY), subject to the following terms and conditions:

1) Replacement warranty is applicable only on existing manufacturing defects present in an unused item which covers...
- Damaged Fabric
- Damaged/non-functional Zippers/buttons, etc.
- Workmanship issues like stitching/finishing, etc.

2) This warranty covers defects against craftsmanship only, and does not include damage/s due to normal wear-and-tear from use or misuse and failure to comply with the product instructions.

3) Procedure to claim warranty:
a) Offline Reseller (Store Retailer / Dealer) : Please note that the buyer may approach the Offline Reseller where the product was originally purchased, and the Offline Reseller would in turn handle the rest for you after checking the item.

b) Online Reseller (Online / Web Retailer) : If purchased from an online reseller, then please email with a picture by replying to your order email along with a copy of the purchase invoice, and the Online Reseller will send you step-by-step instructions.

IMPORTANT**** Please do not approach other resellers or please do not send the product to MotoTech unless requested by team MotoTech.

Please Note:
- All warranty claims will be entertained from the Offline / Online Reseller the End-Use Customer can fill and submit the Warranty Request on this link - https://mototechgear.com/pages/submit-warranty-request
- We may ask the Reseller to provide pictures and details that would describe the defect, so that we can study the problem and resolve at the earliest.

4) After Step 3, the reseller will inspect and decide whether the product is eligible for a warranty claim or not. Subject to this decision, if required by MotoTech, then the reseller will forward the product to MotoTech (along with copy of the customer's purchase invoice) for further evaluation. If the product is found to be defective and is eligible for a Warranty Claim by MotoTech, it will be repaired and returned to the reseller / customer. If repair is not possible, then the product will be replaced with similar product from the existing range available at that moment. If similar product is not available, then the buyer can select any other product of similar value from the existing MotoTech range of products.

5) Costs involved with Shipping of the defective product to MotoTech is the responsibility of the Reseller / Customer, and costs involved with shipping the product back to the reseller / customer will be the responsibility of MotoTech. International customers are responsible for all shipping and other incurred expenses such as duties, taxes.. etc.

6) In no event shall MotoTech be liable for damages or expenses directly or indirectly arising from the use of MotoTech products or for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever except for the liability to repair or replace goods covered by warranty.

i) Any MotoTech products used by multiple people (rentals, film shoots, club members, etc.), are NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.

ii) MotoTech does not offer any blanket warranty across the product range due to the inherent rough use associated with nature of activities such as motorcycling and motorbiking.

Prerequsite to Claims:
i) Registration of MotoTech Product Purchase is done within 15 days of purchase.

ii) Product is not purchased at any discount/offer/clearance sale.

iii) Product is purchased from an authorized reseller.

iv) Date of Purchase is not more than 24 months from claim date.

v) Proof of purchase showing that the customer has paid the full price (MRP) at the time of purchase is required. 

vi) The customer's Purchase Invoice needs to have the Customer's Name and Contact Number.



To be able to "Claim Warranty" on your MotoTech product/s inventory:

1. The Dealer / Reseller / Distributor must have taken proper care of stacking and storing of inventory and should have maintained FIFO (First In First Out) at all times.

2. The purchase of inventory should not have been earlier than 2 years from the date of Warranty Claim Request, meaning that the the product/s in question should be sent for Warranty Claim Request no later than 2 years from the date of Purchase Invoice of those product/s.

3. In order to be considered for a Warranty Claim, the products should be returned with it's original Point-of-Sale packaging and should have been stored in a neat and clean environment which ensures that no harm has been caused to the product due to it's storage conditions.

4. Sending the product/s to MotoTech for a Warranty Claim Request will be the responsibility of the Dealer / Reseller / Distributor. 

5. If the Warranty Claim is granted, then MotoTech will issue a Credit Note of the original Dealer / Reseller / Distributor whom the products were sold originally and the Credit Note should be utilized within 3 months for any other purchase of MotoTech product/s as per the prevailing terms. 

6. If the Warranty Claim is not granted, then shipping the product/s back from MotoTech will be the responsibility of the Reseller / Dealer / Distributor. 

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